What is this PCI Compliance Email?


Yes!  It is from Payment Plus.............well, one of our partners that help to keep card data secure.  The companies name is Sysnet and they are very good at what they do..

Once a year every merchant is required by the Associations (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX) to take a self assessment questionnaire.  Otherwise known as the SAQ.  Our customers will receive an email 90 days prior to their PCI compliance expiring notifying them that it is time to validate again.  So don't panic when you get it!  You have time and you are not expired typically.   So get with it and get validated to secure your customer card data.  If you need help we have people in our office standing by to help guide you.   Call us at 888-523-6484.

MORE Sysnet Info:

SYSNET automatically sends notices about quarterly scans in addition to the two month and one month renewal notices.

When scheduling scans for your merchant account after each scan the system will send an email requesting the user attest the results of the scan.  Users should attest to their scans to avoid getting additional emails.

Keep those cards safe America!