Virtual Merchant 2.0 to be turned off


VirtualMerchant Mobile Phase-Out This Fall

Converge Mobile has been our go-to solution for mobile payment acceptance, and we are excited to offer this solution to even more customers. We are now preparing to transition VirtualMerchant Mobile (VMM) customers to the superior Converge Mobile platform for an enhanced payment experience – and at no increase in cost!

Here's what's happening

  • We will be phasing out VMM over the next few months, and it will be sunset on October 31, 2017.  
  • Beginning August 31, 2017, U.S. VMM customers can begin transitioning to Converge Mobile, where they can enjoy the same features they are accustomed to and more, including:
    • Manual key entry – for added convenience
    • Cardholder AVS (account verification) – for added security
  • After October 31, 2017, customers still using VMM will be unable to accept mobile payments through VMM. It's important customers go to your app store and download the updated app.  Just search "Converge".

What this means for customers

  • VMM login credentials will work for the Converge Mobile app login.
  • To start using Converge Mobile, VMM users will simply go to Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS to download the Converge app. 
    • The current card reader is fully supported by Converge Mobile; no additional setup is required.
  • The iCMP PIN pad and RP457 chip reading devices are available for upgrade purchase. 

Good selling!