Merchant Connect to be Phased Out


Payments Insider Customer Portal

The Payments Insider customer portal is designed to give our Merchant customers access to their payment data, as well as informative and engaging content, such as how-to videos, reference guides, the latest industry news, security/compliance articles, and important notifications. We posted a notification on August 6, 2017, to MerchantConnect that drives Basic users to register at the new portal. A message will also be included on customers' September month end statement, which they will receive in early October.

We plan to phase out MerchantConnect Basic for your U.S. customers by the end of October. Customers interested in self-enrolling can go to the Payments Insider registration page1 today. MerchantConnect Premium users are not impacted at this time, but they will be included in a later phase of the Payments Insider migration project.

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver value to our customers, the following enhancements were released to Payments Insider on September 26, 2017.

  • Payment/Deposit report now supports consolidated location view. Customers can view their deposit information rolled up by their locations. This feature was requested by multi-MID customers.
  • Statement selection now supports custom date range. This is especially useful for customers who have been set up for daily statements.
  • Terms & Conditions have been moved to post-login instead of during self-registration. This enables Elavon's support and activation teams to create PI accounts on behalf of our customers if needed.
  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.
We continue to try and improve our customers experience at Payment Plus.  If you would like to offer additional suggestions please let us know.   We are here to help you succeed!

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