Poynt 5 - Smart Terminal

  • Accepts all of today's payment types and it's future proof, so it's ready for tomorrow too.
  • One screen, BIG business.
  • Poynt HQ helps you monitor and manage your transactions from anywhere, in real time.
  • NFC (Apple Pay); Chip (EMV); Magnetic Stripe.
  • Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, QR and more.
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The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal is light, mobile, and magical. It lets merchants leverage the latest in payment technology to manage their business like never before. Features like a  hybrid card reader and multiple connectivity options provide businesses with the flexibility they require, at a price they can appreciate.  It comes with the POYNT built in POS system or attach to a enterprise POS system.  Flexibility is where the world is...and we are there.

Features: Future Proof: MSR, EMV, NFC, QR Code
Secure: Dedicated secure processor and end-to-end encryption
Connected: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G
Poynt and 3rd Party Applications
Light, mobile, magical