Moby70 for talech

Pay at the table or Retail Sales Floor
  • Supports state-of-the-art security for talech integration
  • Contactless capabilities provide customer's a convenient and speedy way to pay with chip cards, key fobs, or mobile wallets
  • Processes EMV chip card technology
  • Mobility on the floor of your establishment with full POS screen - Yes, Retail too!

This all-in-one mobile terminal features everything you need to easily and securely process payments. The Moby70 supports a full range of payment types including credit and debit (checking card) cards. And it's accepts  secure EMV "chip" cards, protecting you and your customers from counterfeit card fraud. The Moby70 also has integrated Contactless technology that extends the convenience of "tap and go " payments.

Features: Ergonomic "hand-over" design allows for easy customer input
Charging station that prevents cable tangle and clutter
App store download feature keeps your payment application up to date with the latest enhancements