Post your Refund Policy! It's not just a Christmas thing.


Ways to reduce the hassle and expense of chargebacks. To learn 9 more ways to avoid chargebacks click here.

Losing $3,000 is not a good option.  A customer recently lost a chargeback arbitration case because they had not posted their refund/cancellation policy clearly on their receipt.  Don't be fooled..........Written Words matter!

To prevent Credit Not Processed chargebacks, quickly process refunds to your customers.  Your customer should always be made aware of a cancellation or refund policy in writing.  Be sure to have your refund/cancellation policy clearly printed on the transaction receipt in close proximity to the signature line.  If you use a website to sell services/merchandise, your refund/cancellation policy should be on your check out screen with an "I agree" button that a customer must click prior to completing the transaction.  If you do not give refunds or offer in-store-credit only, this information should be included in your transaction receipt.  Refunds must be made using the same credit card as the original sale.  Never refund a card purchase by cash or check.

To learn 9 more ways to avoid chargebacks click here.