Caution: Not fulfilling promises lead to customers leaving


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"Another customer has returned!"  We hear that a lot around here. 

We have all heard the old saying,  "The grass is greener on the other side."   Yes, we have!  And we all have probably jumped before to the other side to only find out what looked green turned out to be grass that had not been watered for weeks.   Some how it turned brown right after we took our first step on the grass.  Yikes!  What a bad mistake.  In Payment Processing terms many times that can lead you to stand on brown grass for 2-3 years.  

So when you want to come back we welcome you.  Sorry you left!

If you have never been with us before.........People come back to us  because we do what we say we are going to do. Your pricing stays right where you started.  Heck, the last customer we looked at that went with another vendor went up 200% on their processing fees in 4 years (seriously!)!!  That should never ever happen!!  

We have a support staff that you get to on your first attempt 98% of the time.  That has to feel good.  I know because I have waited on hold just like you for what seems like hours!

We are not perfect.  We try to be but sometimes we just aren't.  What we are is truthful, ethical and we work ourselves hard to give you the best  service and solution at a very good price to meet your business needs.
We want you to succeed.  You deserve it!

BTW-if you succeed so do we.  We want to do everything we can to help you!

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