The RDM SYNERGY II is an ideal solution for processing all card and check payments through one easy-to-use device. The all-in-one design incorporates magnetic cord swipe, dual-sided check imager/reader and a fast and quiet thermal printer, minimizing extra clutter and cables on your countertop. In addition, the easy-to-use interface and automatic check imaging and franking capabilities ensure a fast and efficient point-of-sale process. The RDM SYNERGY II supports payments acceptance including credit, electronic check conversion, and electronic gift card; with the addition of a PIN pad, you can also accept PIN-based debit and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions.

Simple To Install & Learn

  • AII-in-one design ensures simple installation and reduces coble connectors and counter clutter
  • 20-key keyboard and large graphics display allow easy initiation of all doily functions and transaction types
  • Built-in thermal printer provides fast, quiet receipt delivery
  • Built-in check imager converts paper checks to electronic transactions

Efficient & Secure

  • Multi-merchant support for up to 10 merchant ID's
  • Dual sided imaging allows all check types to be processed electronically
  • Automatic "franking" feature prints "ELECTRONICALLY PRESENTED" on checks, ensuring compliance with all electronic check acceptance regulations
  • Supports the latest security protections, including DUKPT and triple-DES PIN encryption, ensuring PIN-based transactions are processed in a safe and secure manner
  • Images are compressed into a small file size for fast uploading
  • Industry-leading MICR read rate that exceeds 99.9%
  • High-quality images that provides a clear, full check viewing
  • Images compress into a small file size for faster uploading
  • Franking ability: automatically prints “ELECTRONICALLY PRESENTED” on the check – increasing efficiency at the point of sale
  • Superior paper handling that reduces paper jams and imaging errors
  • Connectivity to most popular POS terminals ensures maximum versatility and ease of integration
  • 99.9% MICR read rate, best in the industry
  • Works with virtually all point-of-sale terminals
  • Automatic check franking ability maximizes point-of-sale efficiency